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High As Fawx Show Podcast

Jun 25, 2021

We talked about traveling during the pandemic and see how places like Miami, San Diego, Mexico, and Alexis' hometown handles COVID. Alexis discusses how she choose her weed and explores micro dosing with Psilo Delic. Alexis also talks about her dominant side during BDSM. We...

Jun 18, 2021

Special guest adult film star Silvia Saige, host of Sexy Funny Raw, and Alexis Fawx's eating and drinking buddy in LA. We talked about her start in adult films and stand up comedy. Follow Silvia Saige on Instagram @thesilviasaige and Twitter @Silviasaigexxx

Jun 10, 2021

Alexis Fawx and Asian Joe discusses the formation of their friendship over the years.  Alexis answers questions from Reddit and promote products from Yoni Pleasure Palace, Joanna Angel's erotic book Club 42, and book written by Norma Kamali titled I Am Invincible.

Jun 3, 2021

In this episode, we have special guest adult film star Cherie DeVille. We talk about how we all met each other and discuss the career of Cherie DeVille. Cherie shares her stories during the pandemic and how she's getting more involved with social media. Alexis Fawx and Cherie talks about how the adult industry has...